storeWall DIY kit


Our storeWall starter kit consists of:

One box of Heavy Duty storeWall panels (4)

One box of install strips

4 small L trims

A.  1 x HD Shallow basket

B.   1 x HD Deep Basket

C.  1 x Universal Hook

D.  1 x HD Universal hook

E.   1 x HD Tool Hook

F.   1 x Cradle Hook

G.  1 x HD Cradle Hook

H.  1 x HD “S” Hook

I.   3 x Single Hooks


storeWALL Heavy Duty™ Shallow Basket a versatile garage storage product that helps you store anything from tools to supplies. CamLok™ equipped to ensure your stuff stays put!

storeWALL Heavy Duty™ Deep Basket, deep pocket, ventilated basket keeps wanted items close and harmful items out of children's reach. CamLok™ equipped to ensure that the basket stays in place once on the wall. A must have in your garage/workshop!

variety of hooks including:

storeWALL Heavy Duty™ Tool Hook can hold several long handle tools with a single bracket! Equipped with the CamLok™ to keep it in place.

storeWALL Heavy Duty™ Universal Hook versatile design creates unlimited storage uses for this essential garage organizer. Ideal for yard tools, hand tools, sports equipment and much, much more.

storeWALL Heavy Duty™ Cradle Hook holds everything from folding garden utility carts to axes and sledge hammers.

storeWALL Heavy Duty™ Big Cradle Hook, heavy duty construction to solve big storage problems – great for storing big leaf blowers, ladders, heavy tools, etc.

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